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Apr 13, 2016

field of dreams

the colours leak from the shadows
and a faint lavender glow is scattered through the field
i am here--
i lick my cracked lips
and then sit
before the silence strangles me,

it is the time before darkness and light
the moon slowly melts into the paled sky
the lost dreams are creeping back into night
my heart, strange and hollow
i can feel it--

i want to scream into the horizon
with its fading stars
and tell them--
i have no words left in me
and no strength left to shout,

but i am the girl that chased tomorrow!
i saw the wells of light at the end of the worlds
i cried for all the broken dreams
and laughed at the ones that bloomed
i am freckled with sun
bathed with tears
i've seen the sky cry at dusk
and the ocean spilt by lightning,

why have i come to this field?
i can't quite--
there are dead visions buried here
i know it,
the air is filled with tears and sleepless nights
i can taste them on my tongue,

i come to realise
as the time crawls by
that i am just another shadow passing
a ghost of a happier time
sent to watch this field of death
and mourn for my lost--


i hope you like this; i've been thinking a lot about deaths of visions, & how God works through them.
continue to keep me in prayer!
i've been busy with college apps & interviews & internships & all the (ahem) fun stuff hahaha.
i'll definitely be popping in and posting/reading your fab posts as much as i can! <3

so much love xx

Jan 13, 2016

fearless love

magic from tumblr

i will tell you the things i am afraid of.

i am afraid of the dark when it spirals into oblivion,
of the light that blinds the tender eye,
of second before the storm,
of the song that shreds the heart.

i am afraid of the bright music i hear when you laugh,
of the sky that colours your brown, curly hair,
of your kind voice that says hello,
of the sea that reflects your smiling eyes.

i am afraid.

but, let me tell you what i love.

i love the dark that casts wandering shadows on my face,
the light that patterns the dusty floors,
the storm that rages with passion,
the song that sings through the air.

i love the warmth of your laughter,
the sky that beams lights of gold and orange,
your voice that rolls like music over the hills,
the sea that we splashed in that morn.

i am afraid, and love.
i love, and am afraid.

let me show you it's okay to be both.


this post is dedicated to you all because one hundred of you beautiful cupcakes decided to follow along. and it's also dedicated to the start of 2016, so it's appropriate :)

thank you thank you thank you my sweet little peas for ONE HUNDRED FOLLOWERS
((you can't see me right now but i'm like dancing all over the place))
i adore you all, and i'm so glad i made this journey with YOU.

i couldn't have asked for anyone better to cheer my days up with incredible comments, and read my posts, and appreciate my writing even when i didn't, and forgave my awful hiatus(es) when i didn't have anything i thought good enough to post. i might not have met you in real life but you, YES, you darling, are incredible.

i am so thankful to God for you!
and, darling, have a smashing 2016.

Dec 15, 2015

oh my soul, look & remember

from tumblr

sifting through the dust of yesterday
buried so deep it was hard to breathe
what do i say when words fail
and silence crushes my soul

i will look

to the sky, where Your glory lives
to the sea, where Your mercy washes
to the wind, where Your voice thunders
to the Babe, where Your love shines

i will remember

that when my lips fail to speak
and my body wastes away
when the daylight turns to stormy clouds
the cold waves fill the void

i will know

You are everlasting
my soul will rest in Your holy name

and upon my broken pieces

i will build my altar

whyyy, 'ello again. it's been a while, hasn't it? i'm so sorry i've been gone for ages, i have been struggling to write something delicious and beautiful for a while now and the words are just swirling in my head but i can't get them out. shoutout to writers/bloggers who can write things almost all the time 'cause y'all amazing. seriously it takes some serious talent. ;)

i went on an impromptu trip to visit my uncle out in the country, so maybe that's helped with inspiration heehee. i've missed you all, and i do realise i have A LOT of tags to catch up on (i'm so embarrassed, really ugh). but thank you all for sticking around on this journey. God has been so good to me and i'm just overwhelmed with His love. may you realise that this week as well Ü

sending so much love 

May 5, 2015

just a quiiiick update

(photos taken by me)

the brave do not live forever,
but the cautious do not live at all
// the princess diaries //

i know i haven't been posting in a long while, but i've been (and will be) having end-of-the-year(ish) exams over these few weeks. i've just finished my calculus exam this morning, and boy, am i glad its over.
just a few more papers and summer will be upon us <3

just wanted to let you people know; i'll be back posting again when all the craziness is over! stay awesome, guys.

much love,

Jun 21, 2013

profs and like, cake

so like, we went to the yong siew toh conservatory of music for three days of piano masterclasses which were so awesome and amazing, and totally had me at the edge of my seat.

(except the one time in the afternoon when i was dozing off due to excessive indulging at luncheon.)

when i listened to a piece, it seems just ordinary until the profs start teaching it. then, it really starts to come alive. they weave brilliant stories through the harmonies and chord progressions, which totally astounded me.

with Professor Thomas Hetch

with Professor Albert Tiu

oh, and the very amazing piano teacher who brought us there also did something.

she bought us über-rich chocolate cake from starbucks.

chocolate cake.



right before the final night recital in this really posh place.

we were like stuffed to the brim with Subway sandwiches. so, we took little lady-like bites and--thank God Noel was there!
he consumed those two superbly rich chocolate cake just like a real man.

i was afraid that we'll go on a sugar high in the posh recital hall.

really hope to go for more of these
(the yst events, i mean. though i frankly loved the addition of the cake).

- - - -

so, on a totally different note.
there's the haze, and i have been moping around in the house.

so far, i've consumed 6 fiction books since last afternoon. i've been deprived of them the past school year. speaking of which, i have been spending the past three weeks of school hols immersed in books and sleep.


<haze haze haze and more haze>

Jul 10, 2012

Hoo goes there?

Whoever you are, welcome to this blog, a collection of our thoughts on life, femininity, photography, music, modesty, and such :)

We really hope that you will find something on this blog that is interesting, encouraging, or fun to read for you:) And until the next post, au revoir!

[If you were one of those have read/were reading our previous clothed with scarlet blog, we just wanted to let you know that we have "re-started" the blog. Due to reasons such as the fact that it was getting really messy and stuff :)]