May 7, 2018

a collection of sounds

all images from tumblr

The sound of your laughter,
filling the dead spaces in the crevices of my lungs,
a flurry of fresh
cold wind that leaves me gasping and,

The sound of sleepy silence,
lapping at our feet
on those long morning drives to nowhere,
where all we hear is our breathing
warm and kind against our tired faces and,

The sound of your heart,
amid the noise of the giddy crowd & my own frantic pounding one
be still and hear,

The sound of a broken soul,
beating for the lost, sick, dying,
and for the One who makes all things right again,

The sound of love,
warm coffee in the morning light
gentle tunes hummed till they bleed with time

The sound of quiet murmurs,

whispers between tangled legs
and almost fading dreams
caught bare-faced in the gentle morning light

The sound of you, (it's
been so long i've almost forgotten)
(or maybe
it's barely even started)

i'm just sitting here in comfortable, heavy silence,


  1. The photos are gorgeous - as are the words!

  2. are there tears in my eyes. i think there's tears in my eyes. i have missed you so much that it hurts my heart. this is bright and precious and it fills me from the tips of my toes to the tip of my head. x i love you. i love this. and i love the new little "hellu" note on your sidebar. that is like my anthem for my blog lolol.

    1. caLLY why u gotta be so precious?? brb my heart is feeling very warmed & loved. thank you thank you love.

      (hurhur i get u girl)

  3. My heart! I am glad to see another post! I am starting to forget the sounds of someones voice so I understand that.

    Simply Me

    1. MY HEART your comments make my day. pinky promise <3

  4. I love music it makes me relax and calm.

  5. For me music is where my heart felt at ease. It actually sometimes releases my tensions.

  6. Beautiful poem!I also love music.


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