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the song of us | here's a piece of my heart (ii)

It was a quiet Saturday evening. Those kinds of evenings when it seemed you could just sink into the deep silence and silently fall through the cracks to the other dimension, slipping into a million melodies just waiting to be discovered.
We met by accident.
You were a warm, pulsating melody that swelled and eased like the tide. Notes hurriedly strung together as you attempted to construct a greeting. (I ended up receiving an unintentional compliment, not that I'm complaining about it.) I didn't know much, but I knew I really wanted to hear your tune over and over again.
Walking with you down corridor after corridor, finding excuses to somehow prolong our conversation--I laugh as I catch myself mid thought. Your eyebrows raise and I laugh again because you look so ridiculous. Really ridiculous. There is not a chance I would tell this to you now, I think to myself. Maybe next time when we have years of friendship behind us. Maybe next time.

We meet once, twice, many times more after that. It's built on friendly excuses, until you finally tell me that you love the tune I play, the trills and occasional random arpeggios thrown into the score that lilts on. For that moment my heart sings because, me too! Man, how blessed can I get? And I tell you, this time out loud, I have fallen for your warm chords and deep tunes.

And thus, the song of you and me began.

You slowly help me mend the cracks of silence that had threatened to swallow me. We seal them, but leave enough space for the haunting melodies to filter through. I liked it better that way, I told you. Then I can still discover the undiscovered melodies. You laughingly joke that it's alright, as long as I still loved your tune the most. What a silly thing to say! That is something that will never change.

Whenever you laugh, I want the whole world to see how it colours my world and sets my heart skipping the occasional beat. But I suppose, some things are best loved alone.

I don't think you know how deeply I feel in love with you, but it's more than I can ever bring myself to say or admit. We write melodies and paint them in silver and pastel, and the tune goes on and on.

I have found the one whom my soul loves.

wow a FOUR MONTH hiatus ??? what is life
this post is long looOOong overdue but i legitimately just wrote it a few hours ago
(that's how little i've been writing for the past few months i'm ashamed)
it's fresh off the press, yall.
(also i just got a TON of cake samples. God is good. love u all muchly)


  1. I'm so excited because you posted. ♥ ♥
    This is beautiful. I love the rhythm and colors, they feel so gentle & pretty.

    1. ahhh, your comments makes me so happy ♥
      thanks for leaving your sweet words -- it means tons. xx

  2. WELL THE FOUR MONTH WAIT WAS WORTH IT. *dies laughing* "But I suppose, some things are best loved alone." oka y brb while i just plant this seed in the ground and water it because wajfenfan. i know THAT. i kNOW IT. i put my hand on my chest, and i feel my heart beating a familiar song. it's there. there are quiet loves that sing loudly. precious. x

    p.s. also i was about to say "is this a piece of fiction OR YOUR REAL LIFE" but i see the "it's fiction time" label on this so wahlfhaeef. if u are in love, you gotta let me know so i can scream over it all.

    p.p.s. i love cake samples. except the other night i was handed this berry cake and it was kind of gross, but i was like, "i can't waste this." so i ate it all. awhhaehhah. *laughs forever* whoops. x

    1. AH U R FAV ♥ ??? i love that even your comments are so poetic and flow so incredibly (like how??) and i'm sitting here trying to express in my limited way how precious this is.

      p.s. i find the BEST fiction pieces have some inspiration from our own messy, crazy lives?? but for now the tag sTILL applies. i'm dying of laughter so much love xx

      p.p.s. why are you the funniest thing ever. this cracked me up because I RELATE hoho

  3. First post of '17! You are back! "You were a warm, pulsating melody that swelled and eased like the tide." I love the idea of people evoking music - because it's so complex and emotional like people, right? This is so freaking great and beautiful and real. :) (Or maybe I'm just a huge sucker for romance...)

    1. YOU GET IT ♥ you know that excited feeling you get when readers understand what you're doing with your words?? that's me right now AH adores

      (it's ok, i am too xx)

  4. Hello! I just found your blog and wow I love it so much!! Your writing is superb, so much emotion! Wonderful work- I'm following!

    1. ah, thank you so much!! will check out your blog too ♥

  5. I honestly am never able to put into words how much I love your writing. Never stop. You have such a gift. I would read anything you wrote. <3

    1. ahhhhhh my heart is happy. you are too precious, thank you ♥

  6. Your writing will forever and always be my favorite <3 You go, girl :)


    1. what did i do to deserve this comment ??? i'm floored by this AH so much love ♥

      EEEEEEP it's good to be back!!! xx

  7. I get reminded of how much I miss your writing every time I read your posts. I can't tell you how much this short story makes me feel. It's amazing and so well written. <3 My heart found it's weakness.

    Also HOW ON EARTH was I not following your blog?! I Can't believe it. I hope to hear from you soon! (:

  8. DEVOURING ALL YOUR POSTS ALWAYS AND FOREVER. <3 muah. so glad you're back :')

    THIS WAS PRETTIER THAN ANY OF MY BUMBLING WORDS CAN DESCRIBE. ugh. can I just eat it up and live in this warm happy sunshINE FOREVER????????? thank you for posting this eeeep!!

    rock on,


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