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Sep 13, 2013


blog challenge (month 1, ii.)

we're a family of foodies. so, naturally, food is a big thing to me. when i were younger, the kids i played with ate so little. and my sister and i were like some sort of circus freak the other parents gawked at, eating adults sizes from the young age of seven/eight. eat to live? nah, maybe live to eat would be more appropriate. i mean, my dad is an avid supporter of late-night food outings, buffets, and other stuff that foodies support. we must have inherited it from him. [mom is a supporter of meatless salad. none of us inherited it to that extent, so it seems.]

food is an art that requires cultivation. appreciation of food didn't come until i was like, in my teens or something. and that was also after i saw how blessed i was that i didn't have to worry about when my next meal like many in the third-world countries.

i see food as something that bonds people. say that i'm biased and say what you want, but that's truly the way i feel. there are so many families and good friends we have sat down with over a really good meal and they stuck with us up till today. "families that eat together, stay together." maybe there's some truth in that.

ps: i think japanese cuisine is my favorite. how about yours?
pps: blog challenge here.

Sep 3, 2013


blog challenge (month 1, i.)

shock : noun \ˈshäk\
-merriam webster-

1. something that causes disturbance
2. to strike with surprise, horror, terror, or disgust

shock is global news.
shock is reading about the syrian gassing.
shock is reading about the little chinese boy who had his eyes gouged out, by a desperate organ seller.
shock is realizing that i am so blessed in this thriving country, but never seriously considering it.


inspired by the many emotions that ran through me as i read this (+ last) week's news.
so much sadness, pain. but the expectancy that He is coming back again.

Aug 30, 2013

photo / video challenge

rachel nicole is hosting a very exciting photo / video challenge that will last the whole of this school year [starting september]. for procrastinators like, ahem, myself, this is definitely going to be a challenge, but i'm going to take this up as a project. pop over to her blog to check out the details of the challenge, and comment to join! besides testing my time management skills, it's also going to hone my creativity, photography, and writing skills.

so join us; it'll be fun :))

ps: oh, do you like the new-ish blog design / header / color scheme / favicon? gah, took me forever to get it right so hope you like it ♥

Oct 3, 2012

Of Cupcakes and Icings

I just realized that it's already October. And that I haven't posted anything since um 12th Sep. So, this is the most random and photo-filled post I think I have ever done (or ever will do) that I ramble about what I did sometime ago. Be prepared. (:

We cooked/baked the other day (more like 2 weeks ago) during culinary course. For the savory dish, we killed crabs and then steamed them. It was an epic experience, although I don't really love seafood (:

But we baked! My first time baking in a really longgg time. Dark chocolate cupcakes + vanilla buttercream frosting = just awesome.

What I iced.

I had fun icing it. And although it looked cool enough, there are some other kids' cupcakes that were wayy more creative and pretty than mine (;

I think this is Sean's x)
Love this color combi :) All happy colors.

And...this is probably Noel's :)
So cleverly designed so that the eater can have the maximum amount of icing x)

And finally, the cutest cupcake I saw was this [by Natasha].
Aw. So sweet, ain't it? (;

I didn't get to take the other kids' cupcakes, but they were all equally amazing too!
And we had lots of fun. This was a fun break from school work to come and whip up a few dishes (:
*special thanks to Rachel for allowing me to use her camera  :)*

Hope your week has had a fabulous break like this!


Jul 12, 2012

Garden joy.

Taking photos like crazy in the garden :) And this is one of the results. Glistening dew, sunlight filtering through leaves, fresh morning breeze – one of my favorite times in the day before the busy-ness of life catches me up again. It’s so rare that I get a chance like this to photograph the flowers [in fact, I took this photo a couple months back] and I really love it when I can :)

“The earth [is] the LORD’S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.”
[Psalm 24:1-2]