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Jul 6, 2015

how to find a home

it's fiction time (vii.)

creds: tumblr magic

we sat with our faces turned towards the dying sun that evening. there was a queer, unsettled feeling of beauty that made the air around us light with expectation. i guess we all felt the same; we were just kids, fresh out of the college, not at all ready to face the world.

tomorrow, we would all leave to different parts of the world. life, cruel but beautiful life, had finally called us apart after four years of college life. so we sat there, our fingers intertwined and our breaths fogging in the cool evening.

          "you figure we'll ever see each other again?"

of course dylan had to ask such a question. the dear idiot, he was gonna make me tear up. and i had promised liam not to get rachel started before tomorrow's airport farewell.

i rolled my eyes, more to prevent tears from building up than from annoyance.

          "sure we will. best friends will always find each other, won't they?"

(oh rachel, that wasn't helping with the general teary mood. crying was infectious. i wasn't going to be the one to start the chain reaction.)

i nodded, not trusting my voice to hold steady for long if i spoke. as if he could hear my thoughts, liam gently squeezed my hand. i squeezed back harder, trying to channel my emotions to the shoulder that i hoped could bear the burden better.


we only found the desire to leave long after the sun had sunk behind the rounded tops of the hills. even then, we had to drag our feet, wearily. the battle had not even begun, but weary travellers we were.

but i was a weary traveller with a home. i had found my home among these three messed-up, imperfect friends who loved me for the imperfect girl i was. we were leaving each other, sure. but what is friendship without trials? what is love without hardships?

and somehow, now the distance between our destinations was smaller, because our hearts had found a home together.

{sorry i haven't posted in a bit! internet connection hasn't been always steady with us travelling all over the place. also, i didn't realised how much i missed writing until i started it again ♥  love you all so much xxx.}

Jun 20, 2015

(a series of unconnected thoughts)



a hate
stronger than fire
drowning in flames
hungry, growing

a sorrow
that burned like hunger
silent, raging
so alive

an emptiness
drying and deadly
extinguishing life
a bitter pang



just a kitten among flowers to make your day brighter xx.


(also, by unknown)

"You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger."

just three unconnected thoughts weighing on my mind this afternoon. i'm in u.k. now, it's so cold (it's supposedly summer, but i live in a superbly warm country, so this is like winter to me), but the place is gorgeous. God has been so good, and i'm just amazed at how everything in life works out. i promise to write more about it, and pictures coming soon :)

(ALSO, biggg shoutout to rosie at self known, for making this little blog look so good. you're awesome, girl.) 

i love you all! have a beautiful week ♥

Jul 21, 2013

unwind // summer 03

i did quite a bit of unwinding this summer. too much, maybe, but i'm afraid there won't be any time for that this coming school year.

1. cola wars.
what can i say? it is too awesome to describe. i brought back so much memories with me, and this was probably the best thing i've ever decided to sign up for. the bju sea <south east asia> team was amazing.

just look at us.

pepsi forevahhh
*photos courtesy of the auntie regina. many thanks*

2. phuket
bummer, it rained almost everyday. but i got to swim, and see that delicious sea, and taste that salty air again. (not to mention: gorge in tidbits + eat like super cheap good quality ice cream + late nights = sore throat)

i like this summer life, but once in a while something in me longs to begin school again. it's crazy, but it happens. not doing much makes me tired and frustrated, not to mention feel useless. i guess i have to step away from the busyness and breathe. inhale a deep breath of that salty sea, and sit back in the shade for a bit. then, i'll find myself longing for work, and when school comes around, i'll treasure it even more.

i'm a pretty weird person. who ever heard of treasuring school and longing for work huh.


sink into the deep,

blue, and, cool, and kind.
then drift off to sleep,
let the past unwind.

-song from love never dies, sequel to phantom of the opera-