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Nov 25, 2013

it's his birthday

dear darling,

i don't think you quite comprehend how adorable and precious you are to us. you're the first brother we've ever had, and you have been a gobstopasmashing one. i never know what to expect around you; your frank toothy smile with who-knows-what smears around the chin, and your obsession with all things noisy and truck-y. it's almost like living in a extended amusement park with you around. although you have been countless labelled as spoiled by your loving (and awesome) older sisters, you know that you will always have a little special place in our hearts, doncha? you've been kissed, coddled, cuddled, squeezed, pinched, and hugged countless times by us. mom says that you are so blessed because we dote on you too much. but then again, you're growing up, and i'm sure there will be one day you look down at us (from your lofty height) and say, "can you not coddle me in public anymore? i'm getting too old." and my heart will break, but i'll still cuddle you (albeit not in public) because you'll always be little brother.

and when that day comes for you to set off into the world, and taste firsthand what a evil, cruel, and depressing world it is, i'll tell you to see that beauty beneath the ugliness. that if you look closely, you'll see the traces of glorious beauty streaming forth, a reflection of the Creator's radiance.

i can't believe you're already five. it might seem lightyears away from teen-hood and adulthood, but you'll be there someday too soon. and i'm going to treasure every single moment i have with the sweetest, best hair-flicking bro i ever have.

happy birthday, luke.
little sunshine boy.

time's flying too fast || 

{and i'm leaving you with some enthusiastic flag-waving and patriotism from the boy himself}

Sep 19, 2013

my sisters

blog challenge (month 1, iii.)
+ photoshoot from a long while back

these are two of my leetle sisters.

they are little darlings, amazing in their own unique way, and pretty much the best ever.

Sep 13, 2013


blog challenge (month 1, ii.)

we're a family of foodies. so, naturally, food is a big thing to me. when i were younger, the kids i played with ate so little. and my sister and i were like some sort of circus freak the other parents gawked at, eating adults sizes from the young age of seven/eight. eat to live? nah, maybe live to eat would be more appropriate. i mean, my dad is an avid supporter of late-night food outings, buffets, and other stuff that foodies support. we must have inherited it from him. [mom is a supporter of meatless salad. none of us inherited it to that extent, so it seems.]

food is an art that requires cultivation. appreciation of food didn't come until i was like, in my teens or something. and that was also after i saw how blessed i was that i didn't have to worry about when my next meal like many in the third-world countries.

i see food as something that bonds people. say that i'm biased and say what you want, but that's truly the way i feel. there are so many families and good friends we have sat down with over a really good meal and they stuck with us up till today. "families that eat together, stay together." maybe there's some truth in that.

ps: i think japanese cuisine is my favorite. how about yours?
pps: blog challenge here.

Aug 13, 2013


so, nat is off to serve his national service.
(hence the amount of random photos / polaroids we took on two sundays ago to celebrate his entrance to um, manhood)

i'm gonna let the pictures do the talking for now because i'm too lazy to explain anything.

only: go nat--make us proud.