Jun 21, 2013

profs and like, cake

so like, we went to the yong siew toh conservatory of music for three days of piano masterclasses which were so awesome and amazing, and totally had me at the edge of my seat.

(except the one time in the afternoon when i was dozing off due to excessive indulging at luncheon.)

when i listened to a piece, it seems just ordinary until the profs start teaching it. then, it really starts to come alive. they weave brilliant stories through the harmonies and chord progressions, which totally astounded me.

with Professor Thomas Hetch

with Professor Albert Tiu

oh, and the very amazing piano teacher who brought us there also did something.

she bought us über-rich chocolate cake from starbucks.

chocolate cake.



right before the final night recital in this really posh place.

we were like stuffed to the brim with Subway sandwiches. so, we took little lady-like bites and--thank God Noel was there!
he consumed those two superbly rich chocolate cake just like a real man.

i was afraid that we'll go on a sugar high in the posh recital hall.

really hope to go for more of these
(the yst events, i mean. though i frankly loved the addition of the cake).

- - - -

so, on a totally different note.
there's the haze, and i have been moping around in the house.

so far, i've consumed 6 fiction books since last afternoon. i've been deprived of them the past school year. speaking of which, i have been spending the past three weeks of school hols immersed in books and sleep.


<haze haze haze and more haze>

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