Jan 30, 2015

growing up | repost from 2013

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very long ago, when we were still young, when we thought the world revolved around us, when we had no cares in this world, i thought that our time together was forever. that nothing would ever pull us away from being the bestest of friends.

then we all had to grow up.

slowly, but surely, we stopped seeing each other every other day. stopped these, and starting meeting new people, seeing new things, experiencing fresh enjoyments. and, i suppose, that is growing up.

bittersweet memories of how we used to fight, give silent treatment, and then make up again.
of how we used to play like a bunch of hooligans.
of how we used to tell everyone we were siblings.
of how we would exchange secrets, and dream together of the future.

and now, we've gone our separate ways. friends still, just apart for a while.
growing up? maybe, but i've yet to get used to it.

sometimes these memories, carefully stowed safely at the back of my mind, slip out and make me long for times long past. and when i breathe in the fresh and cool night air, the memories of long ago, pleasant and soothing, haunt me, evoking a sense of loneliness for that time. and sometimes, i wish we could just escape back in time, and be who we were.

the world kinda gets complicated once you're older, doesn't it?
more cares, more responsibilities, more duties to fulfill.

and i just want to freeze that moment, back in time, and remember everything.
i've learnt to treasure those memories, every single one.

“Growing apart doesn't change the fact that
for a long time we grew side by side;
our roots will always be tangled.
I'm glad for that.” 
- Ally Condie, Matched -

i was looking through my old posts and found this. thought you guys might like reading it again ♥


Jan 20, 2015

love + mothers

featuring amazing photos from lamb and fox photography--check them out!

Lamb and Fox


i am love. i wield the power to break hearts and mend them again; the most beautiful feeling that can cause the deepest pain. i am not just a word; i am not just a feeling. i am a promise. i am a covenant, a commitment. 'til death do us part, they say at marriages. i was made manifest when Christ came down in human flesh to die for you and pay the price for your sins. but not even death could part His Love and you.


 Lamb and Fox


i am the mother. the unseen, unheard, under-appreciated angel who guards over her children with the fiercest love. i cry to Him for their precious souls; i see them in this evil world and realise my heart is frail, too frail to be carrying this burden. i surrender them to the One who sees all, knows all, loves all. i release them to the care of He who tenderly calls to the little children.


 Lamb and Fox

of love and mothers.
i'm back!
i just have a lot of things on my mind tonight,
(along with an upcoming biology test,
but that's the least of my worries)
some things have shaken me lately
to remind me that i'm not in control of things
and to let go
and let God.

continue to make your 2015 amazing.
every moment counts.

{DISCLAIMER : as stated above, none of these photos are mine and i'm not claiming credit for them. the words, however, are completely original. the photos are the courtesy of Lamb and Fox Photography who take AMAZING photos. i'm just featuring their photos because they really blew me away.}