Aug 13, 2013


so, nat is off to serve his national service.
(hence the amount of random photos / polaroids we took on two sundays ago to celebrate his entrance to um, manhood)

i'm gonna let the pictures do the talking for now because i'm too lazy to explain anything.

only: go nat--make us proud.


Aug 9, 2013

dear (i.)

photo from here :: typography by me

dear q.q,
go make us proud. you have been such an awesome brother ever since forever.
can't wait to see you without hair on your head (haha).

dear chubby bunny,
for future reference, next time you bring that awesome green jacket, i might just steal it. from under your nose.
[and just hang in there for another year to be an old friend hah. 6 years > 1/2 decade = long time]

dear potential serial stalker,
too bad you'll miss the fun. have a smashing time whamming eggs into your forehead.

dear elmo-with-a-goldfish,
wakey wakey! pull the hood lowerrr.

dear milk,
yes, that's still your official name.


<footnote> there was no such word as upsoemlaosute. but now there is!
i'm defining it as extremely silly, comical, happy, and holding a lime green balloon.
<ftnt 2> i like writing notes.
<ftnt 3> i don't even know what half of those big words mean. 
<ftnt 4> inspired by elise's pieces

Aug 5, 2013

i think i care too much

i think i have a problem.

i care way too much. small things which were meant to be nothing mean the world to me, and i fuss over them like the universe depended upon it. things that people just casually mention, things that literally nobody pays attention to, i see meaning in them. and unfortunately, i think it's directed purposefully at me. and i either 1) curl up into a ball and wither, 2) heatedly defend myself (resulting in me looking real stupid), 3) hold a grudge against that person.

this is a very unfortunate problem, as you can imagine. and sometimes i wind up arguing with someone over something that was simply in my head. why. why why why why.

i'm still thinking of a solution. the only apparent one? care less. but frankly, i don't think that'll work.

this is definitely not a solution, but still. it makes me smile. (: