Aug 5, 2013

i think i care too much

i think i have a problem.

i care way too much. small things which were meant to be nothing mean the world to me, and i fuss over them like the universe depended upon it. things that people just casually mention, things that literally nobody pays attention to, i see meaning in them. and unfortunately, i think it's directed purposefully at me. and i either 1) curl up into a ball and wither, 2) heatedly defend myself (resulting in me looking real stupid), 3) hold a grudge against that person.

this is a very unfortunate problem, as you can imagine. and sometimes i wind up arguing with someone over something that was simply in my head. why. why why why why.

i'm still thinking of a solution. the only apparent one? care less. but frankly, i don't think that'll work.

this is definitely not a solution, but still. it makes me smile. (:


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  1. oh my gosh. this is so much like me. i care so much about the little things that I totally miss the bigger picture.



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