Aug 21, 2013

sugar overload

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yesterday, the amount of sugar consumed was cra-zy.

muffins in the morning + brownies in the afternoon + waffles + whipped cream + ice cream for dessert = very majorly serious headache by the end of the day.

[we had dessert at swensens, and our entire family was going bonkers at the table. luke decided that he was on a ninja mission (darling!) and repeatedly shot everyone until we were "very dead." the rest of us were on a sugar high.]

i didn't think at first that the sugar had anything to do with the headache, but my mom said it did. and moms are usually 95% of the time correct, aren't they? [well, maybe] so, i checked it out, and sure enough. sugar can cause headaches.

"...if you consume large amounts of sugar at one time, your body may go into a state of hyperglycemia which results in a headache that may linger for days."

thankfully though, i woke up this morning happy and bursting rainbows [which is a good thing by the way].
i felt very green and blue [which are happy colors, meaning i felt over the rainbow].
the sugar intake must have been so much that it made itself into rainbows! :)

now i'm too sweet. [hahah, get it?]

ps: well that was lame.
pps: ohoh. laser tag was pretty awesome. i had a amazing time being a ninja [see where luke got it from?]
ppps: if you noticed, i might have some of the leftover sugar from last night causing a sugar high.
pppps: rainbow sugar forever!

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