Jul 19, 2014

imagine | conversations in my head (ii.)

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if you grade me from one to ten, where would i fall?
into my a r m s


you know how sometimes, there are these little imaginary conversations in your head that just stick around. i get them all the time, and because i don't know where else to share them, i'm starting a blog series called:
what do you lovely people think? 

Jun 17, 2014

i'm tagged! (the this or that tag)


{I just had to include this picture, sorry. It's so happy.}

I want to give a big shoutout (complete with firecrackers and colorful jellies) to Natasha from Savoring Each Moment and Neeli Vancore from A World of Randomness. They awarded me with the This or That Tag (!!!) and they're amazing so go check out their blogs :)

And just a note, they awarded me this like ages ago but I didn't have time to do it till now (I know, terrible, but I was having exams, so that excuse would have to suffice).

Hair up or down?
I'm good with both. But hair definitely up on hot days.

Dessert or fruit?
Dessert for me, anytime. Unless the dessert is a fruit, which I'm totally okay with. On another note, I've been making gluten free apple crisps like nobody's business and love it so so much. Can I just say how good it is cold or hot? It's de-licious, and so flippin' easy to make. Okay I'm done. :)

Dress or shirt and sweatpants?
Depends on the occasion. I way prefer t-shirts and sweatpants, though. Comfort is top of my list.

One Direction or Jonas Brothers?

...I'm going to have to say One Direction, just because I'm not to familiar with the Jonas Brothers. That being said, I ain't a directioner okay. But (to pacify you Directioners), they have great voices. :)

Radio or iPod?
iPod for me please.

Sleepover at your house or at a friend's house?

Just because my house is probably too full of siblings prying through cracks in the walls and listening at keyholes to have a proper sleepover. And too many little ones to be too crazy at night without bringing down the wrath of The Mother upon us (ha ha).

Cookies or apples?
Is this even like a valid question. It would be cookies, duh. *chants* cookies! cookies! cookies!

I love Cookie Monster by the way. <3<3<3 Oh, and Subway cookies as well. 

Playing cards or painting?
Neither. I don't play cards, and I can't paint or draw or do anything that requires me to portray realistic things.

I can do impressionistic doodling though. (!!!)

In a board game, would you rather be a green or a white piece?

Sorry, I just had to say that. I don't really care about the color actually. I would rather take a bar of chocolate and use bits of it as pieces (of course I have to eat it as I go, otherwise it's no fun). (But then it'll melt and get the board and everything sticky, so.)

I'll be posting updates for what has been going on these past few (silent months) in a few days. Life has been busy, fun, crazy exciting. Like a roller-coaster ride. Which I love. Anyways, have a great summer! Go do something amazing.


Apr 2, 2014

come back! {a guest post by laurel}

My head hurts. I force open my eyes, only to find that I'm in a white room, with beeping sounds all around me.

It is blinding. There is too much white. I'm lying on white sheets, all the walls are painted white, and there are nurses dressed in white right in front of me.

"Where am I?" I ask, trying to sit up and failing, because my limbs are all attached to beeping machines.

"Hey! She's awake! DOCTOR WHO!" A nurse runs away, trying to get this doctor.

Doctor... Oh. I get it. I'm in a hospital.

Where are my parents? Oh gosh. My parents. My parents.

The doctor comes in, but my eyes are widened, the only thought I currently have in my mind is to find my parents.

"Where are my parents?" I ask, grabbing the doctor's arm and shaking it violently. His glasses are shaken off by the movement, but I don't care. I only shake harder.

"Ellie, you need to listen. Your parents.... You were in a car crash, both parents in the front seat. We tried everything. We really did. But they didn't make it." The doctor sighed, bending down and grabbing his glasses. He turned around, and left me in the room.

"No." I whispered. "No."

I laughed bitterly. It's April Fools anyway. This has to be a joke. This isn't real. No way. A joke. That's what it is. And yet, even then, I couldn't keep the tears from coming down.

I miss them. Already.

"Come back..." I whispered.


HEYYY :) :) It's Laurel guest posting from! Thanks so much Liz for offering this chance to guest post and I'm just like ASDFGHJKL. Heehee, Doctor Who. Sorry, I couldn't help it. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it, and I'm off to Camp NaNoWriMo!