Sep 10, 2013

i'm on blog lovin'!

hi dears,

so i finally went to create a blog lovin' for myself and notice the pretty new button at the side there? i really like this colors. turquoise greenish.

yayy so go follow me on blog lovin' if you have an account! and if you don't have an account, go create one! because they send you free cyber chocolate everyday! [well, maybe they don't and that's just a stupid lame lie]. fine, they don't send you free chocolate, but its so convenient to read your blogs that you won't crave for chocolate anymore!

i'm not making sense. nothing would ever make me stop craving chocolate.

but you get the point. right? :)))


[don't judge me. i have just done three chem practice quizes. my eyes are hurting.]

Sep 7, 2013

dear 'ol momsie

[or should i say dear young momsie? women usually don't like to be called 'ol, but it doesn't seem to work the other way errk]

dear momsie, it's your birthday!
 -insert le happy music-

i won't tell your age, or any sensitive information about aging. but i just want to say that you're an awesome mom, and i'm so very grateful that God blessed me with such a wonderful mother.

when people tell me i look so much like you or my mannerism is so like you, i take it as a compliment, and it totally is. i know i'm not the best, but thank you for having so much love that you stick through it with me. and having five kids in urban singapore is certainly not easy. and i want to thank you for having the courage to do so--now i'm blessed with so many siblings!

i love you so very much, mom. and here's a (cyber) birthday bowl of salad [because i know you love healthy stuff and stay away from the sweets when possible.]

with bear hugs,
your leetle spitfire

Sep 3, 2013


blog challenge (month 1, i.)

shock : noun \ˈshäk\
-merriam webster-

1. something that causes disturbance
2. to strike with surprise, horror, terror, or disgust

shock is global news.
shock is reading about the syrian gassing.
shock is reading about the little chinese boy who had his eyes gouged out, by a desperate organ seller.
shock is realizing that i am so blessed in this thriving country, but never seriously considering it.


inspired by the many emotions that ran through me as i read this (+ last) week's news.
so much sadness, pain. but the expectancy that He is coming back again.