Dec 24, 2016

a crack in the starlit sky

image from tumblr
i humbly recommend this track for your listening pleasure

I caught a glimpse of paradise today.

It was a peculiar feeling, seeing something you’re so familiar with but have never actually seen.

For the first time, gazing out a plane window at 4AM, I saw the stars. Not just the rare one or two bright ones bravely shining through the noisy city lights, but a whole sky full of it.

And I remember thinking, Wow, this is one star too many.

I was, and still am, a city girl. Born and bred with the glaring lights of rush and noise to suffocate my senses. I have never seen the stars I write about so often, felt the cool moss beneath my bare feet, or lay in fields with the evening sun warming my face. I felt an odd sense of guilt when I realised just how glorious the pattern of the heavens was, how I’d been talking all these time about something I never really knew. 

So maybe what I’m trying to say very imperfectly is that writing has taken me places I could have only dreamed about.

When I write about the mountains and the stars and the songs the wind sings, a piece of me is there. When I’m broken, I engrave the words of my Father into the crevices of my heart. When my soul sings, I pencil in that song to my memory where I can keep it for eternity.

I feel like Christmas eve is an appropriate time for such reflections. Staring up into the sky this evening made me feel so small and pale in comparison, but I know of Someone loved me enough to send His own Son to this earth, with a bright lonely star to watch over His cradle, for the redemption of a girl who cannot love enough on her own.

The stars were never one too many or one too few.


Only a few more hours to Christmas, so happy (almost) Christmas!! May you be filled with love & joy this season, and not forget the life behind why we remember this beautiful day.

p.s.: still working on part ii of here's a piece of my heart!! so excited to finish this ♥ so much love for you all.


  1. Ohh Elizabeth this is beautiful. Your blog is seriously so lovely. *hugs* I'd love it if you could perhaps check out mine,For All Who Wander. Thanks s'much, and have a wonderful Christmas! <33

  2. who cannot love enough on her own.
    oh wait it's me. you're honest, and you're brave, and this stings. because i'm a small town girl, with a ceiling full of stars, and i haven't got a neck-ache in a long time. thank you. xx

  3. i'm laughing because i know. writing about things i've only imagined.
    oh goodness.
    and God is gracious and so gentle and it has me grinning like a fool. looked up at the stars tonight, and recognized them like they've been there forever. Immanuel.
    sweet little baby born in a stable. how on earth.

    He is good. merry Christmas, sweet girl. x

  4. Wow, Elizabeth, this is beautiful. And it's so wonderful the places that writing can take you :-)
    Merry Christmas!!

  5. this made me feel so small and so loved in the best way imaginable. u r a star in the sky way out in the country where they're brighter than anyone knew possible ok. don't forget.

  6. It makes me happy when you post. Your words are beautiful. <3 Merry Christmas (yesterday) Lizzy! :D

  7. this is all so lovely, but those last two paragraphs especially - hit me right in the heart. love the bit about "engraving the words of my Father..." and "the redemption of a girl who cannot love enough on her own." wooww. beautiful.

  8. I cannot express enough how much I love your writing. <3

  9. your words are life giving.

    like amen to this whole post because i have no words to express this inexpressible joy and peace and happiness in my heart from reading this.

  10. SERIOUSLY. The way you write just makes me so happy. You have a talent.

  11. hiii ok I have to say this is SO BEAUTIFUL WOW. I turned on the song you suggested and literally sat here in my bedroom and listened to it and read this post out loud and it made me so happy. THANK YOU for your words!!!!


  12. I can't stop reading it over ad over again. My heart is so happy, you just write a very inspiring piece. Thank you!

  13. Beautiful place! It's nice to be there.

  14. Amazing photo! I want to stay there. Very calming.

  15. People who wants to free from stress this place is for you. Thanks for sharing.


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