Jan 20, 2015

love + mothers

featuring amazing photos from lamb and fox photography--check them out!

Lamb and Fox


i am love. i wield the power to break hearts and mend them again; the most beautiful feeling that can cause the deepest pain. i am not just a word; i am not just a feeling. i am a promise. i am a covenant, a commitment. 'til death do us part, they say at marriages. i was made manifest when Christ came down in human flesh to die for you and pay the price for your sins. but not even death could part His Love and you.


 Lamb and Fox


i am the mother. the unseen, unheard, under-appreciated angel who guards over her children with the fiercest love. i cry to Him for their precious souls; i see them in this evil world and realise my heart is frail, too frail to be carrying this burden. i surrender them to the One who sees all, knows all, loves all. i release them to the care of He who tenderly calls to the little children.


 Lamb and Fox

of love and mothers.
i'm back!
i just have a lot of things on my mind tonight,
(along with an upcoming biology test,
but that's the least of my worries)
some things have shaken me lately
to remind me that i'm not in control of things
and to let go
and let God.

continue to make your 2015 amazing.
every moment counts.

{DISCLAIMER : as stated above, none of these photos are mine and i'm not claiming credit for them. the words, however, are completely original. the photos are the courtesy of Lamb and Fox Photography who take AMAZING photos. i'm just featuring their photos because they really blew me away.}


  1. These words are so lovely and deep, and I also love the pictures!!

    So excited to see what you have in store for future posts. :-D


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    1. YOU are lovely. Thanks for sweet words ♥ xx.

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    1. Thank you, darling ♥ You rock. xx.


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