Jan 14, 2014

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hakuna matata

what a extremely wonderful word (did you know that, aside from coming from the lion king, it's a swahili word? i know, that just adds to the overall coolness of this word!!). i think it's one of my favorites now. hakuna matata--no worries! it's all good! so put on a smile!

-anyways, ahem, away from my rambles and on to some fun stuff-

-edit: actually, that probably means: away from my rambles and on to some more rambles-
-edit: probably a good facepalm moment here-

+ a cold cold cold very very cold cup of starbucks ice chocolate latte with whipped cream and gluten-free raspberry coconut-almond bars.
+ books that have the aura of adventure and the smell of familiarity.
+ snorkelling in phuket. and everything else beach-y (it's a tad too earlier for summer, isn't it? sigh).
+ the ability to wake up on cool, early mornings with beautiful breezes.
+ fizzy pineapple juice.

+ flappy bird. (can-i-just-say-it-was-about-the-worst-game-i-have-ever-played-because-i-kept-failing)
+ math.*
+ photoshoots that don't turn out right.
+ meetups with the awesomest-est people in the world who share the dream to spread illogical craziness to the world.
+ research papers.
+ spending valentine's day expressing (the sadly depleting) love to my unfeeling textbooks. they didn't even answer my call (sob).
+ wasting time on tumblr that could have been spent doing other things. productive things like eating ice cream for example.
+ the productivity of eating ice cream.**
+ peeling off nail polish unconsciously.
+ passionately singing frozen at the top of my lungs over the shrieking sounds of the vacuum cleaner.
+ smiling at random people in the other car.
+ isn't it strange how "vacuum" has two "u"s? one would expect two "c"s. oh well.
+ studying chem an hour before the due date. (seriously, not a good idea)

+ awards and sweet words from bloggers you've never seen in real life but you feel you know because they are so much like you. {that's you guys, by the way (hugs)}
+ widddde smiles that almost leave you with sore jaws.
+ a surprise for you guys that is more for me but anyways it is cool so mhm. so so stoked.
+ kobos, and free ebooks. i send my love to all those who provide free ebooks to those too lazy ahem busy to go to the library.
+ realizing the potential a single coffee cup has.
+ your lovely comments that i reread over and over again. trust me, it just makes my heart and my days so happy ♥
+ reading random lovely blogs.

my life in the past few weeks
what about you? anything crazy exciting or cool you've been up to?


*to quote my math teacher: "it looks like crazy town! let's do it."
**of course ice cream is productive. it excites me, allowing me to be more efficient at tasks. don't argue with me when i talk about ice cream, please ;)

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