Nov 24, 2014

stars | it's fiction time (iii.)

i sat
i watched
i counted the stars
alone, when my heart was heavy
i sat
gazing through an open window
i watched the people pass
they're nothing like the stars

i sat
i watched
and counted the stars
that night i saw you pass
you whistled, carefree
the wind was cool
the air was light
and i smiled
all was well

i sat
and watched
as you pass again
but you stopped and turned
pushed along by the wind of fate
you saw me and smiled
frank, and genuine
something i had never felt
blew along that breezy cool night

you asked
i blushed
but said yes all the same
what did you know of the girl you saw
who had nothing to hold on to but the stars?
you climbed up
and sat by me
silence of the beautiful kind
filled the air

now we sit
we watch
we count the stars
together, when our hearts are heavy
we laugh, we cry
more beautiful silence fills the air
the world stands still
but the stars shine on
f o r e v e r

inspired by:
"rescue me, chin boy, and show me the stars."
-clara oswald, doctor who-

all images courtesy of tumblr

(i watched guardians of the galaxy (FINALLY) yesterday and asjklwqeopterehncjjdhd IT WAS GOOD.)

(thanks for all the nominations! i'll be doing them soon.)


Aug 31, 2014

"God asked me to open my hand, and he gave me the world."

Hello, there. My name is Rebekah. I'm a teenage Christian writer with a passion for serving God and others. I have my own little blog, Found and Cherished, where I share about my journeys and struggles and discoveries. Because, truly, life is one big adventure.
At the moment, a wonderful woman from my church is leading a book club for some of our teen girls. We're reading Let's all be Brave by Annie F. Downs. It's a beautiful book, and I recommend it to every person out there in this crazy world.
So. I was reading this book, devouring Miss Downs' words and thoughts and beautiful writing style.
And I came across this quote. It entered my soul without invitation, sat down by the fire, and stayed.
"God asked me to open my hand, and he gave me the world." That struck me as crazy. Opening my hand to God? But that's risky. It's like running onto a main road without looking both ways. It takes the courage that I don't have.
But that quote, that idea, had made a home in my soul. I'm staying, Rebekah, it said. For good.
So I began the long and tedious thinking process that comes with being as introspective as I am. I pondered. I thought. I listened. And I came to a conclusion.
God has a plan. He knows exactly what's going to happen. So if I open my hand, I can have peace. I might not be looking both ways on this road, but God is. So in the end, I will be a better person. But right now? Right now, I need to be brave and open my hand.
So my hands are open. Ready to receive. And already, God has given. Opportunities to serve him have popped up in just enough places to keep me busy, but to also be willing to give more.
Come with me. Be brave. Be beautiful. Open your hands to God. Receive what he has in store for you. And remember, he can give you the world.
Bekah Joan
p.s. to Elisabeth, you are amazing. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to post on your beautiful blog.

Aug 12, 2014

softly we tread

softly we tread
on the stars of dreams
from deepest slumber

softly we tiptoe
the dreams are waking
leaking from the shadows

softly we tread
past the darkness
back into light

s  o  f  t  l  y


my sister and had a brainwave today and came up with a song that totally matched these words. such a beautiful beautiful tune. can't wait to see if i can share it with you lovelies xx.