Jun 5, 2013

dear summer // summer 01


dear summer,

please bring some happy surprises, rainbows, sunshine, and lots of blue skies.


p-s: and some chocolate-chip ice-cream too, please, if it isn't too troublesome.

<because school's out, summer's here, 
and that deserves a post>

May 17, 2013

happy (belated) momma day

dear mom,

happy (belated) mommy's day
on this special day, i just wanna say a big, appreciative THANK YOU.

i know you have to put up with so much of my nonsense.

you have to deal with the little spitfire in me.
you have to bear with me being fussy.
you have to put up with my emotional swings.
you have to tolerate all my unreasonable stuff.

and you amaze me at how much you still love me.
thanks for loving me.

i love you mommy <3

may the Lord who has blessed me with such an awesome mother,
continue to lead and protect you,
and bless you with all good things.

i love you so much.

(your lil' spitfire)

"Her children arise up, and call her blessed"
-proverbs 31:28-

Dec 7, 2012

'Tis the Season! (and updates)

Woah. Time flies so fast and it's December already.
And I'm honesty, frankly, seriously excited about it.

Stuff I have been up to:

1. BL Conferences! I gotta post about that when I get the pictures from the photographer (: We had such an awesome time with the girls that came over from the States. They were such a BIG blessing to us! Check out their blog here.

2. Belting out random Christmas songs to get me into the Christmas mood.

3. Studying like crazy at home and wishing I was at church helping out at VBS.

4. Praying that God will help me minister to unsaved people this Christmas 

5. Finding time to update this blog--and I did! (:

6. Indulging in *occasional* snacks.

7. Practicing choir songs and loving how the front colors are so pretty <3

8. Decorating the house--making it Christmassy.

9. Looking at Prissy's (and her team's) decorated cakes and foods and loving them (;

10. Anticipating Christmas gatherings with friends and family 

And did you notice I've gotten a new blog look for this Christmassy season? And the snow? Plus that Christmas countdown at the bottom of the blog? :D
Hope you like it because I took like forreveerrr to get it right :P

have a great week. and an awesome, Christ-centered upcoming holiday <3