Sep 12, 2012

School has started.

And wouldn't you believe it.
It just seemed like last week when I completed my final subject test and then danced for joy.

But summer was good(: So many enjoyable memories and epic times I had. Family outings, debate camp, DNA labs at SC, making and guzzling food, crazy meetups with friends, helping out at church...and now another school year begins. It's really overwhelming at times when I think about it.

All said and done about summer, I have I feeling that I'm gonna enjoy this school year. That is, if I work hard and keep up-to-date with all the work (: It's all about good time planning and responsibility {and all the parents say "amen" ^-^}

GOAL: to try my best, work hard and glorify God in all that I'm about to undertake. And to rest in the strength that only He provides (:

I'm praying that this new school year, will bring a new happy, epic, awesome, superb experience.

Aug 7, 2012

Ramblings and Catchups

I've been really busy of late. Not necessarily with school work, considering that it's summer break *yay*, but more with all those extracurricular activities and some summer work, and the list goes on. Can you believe that I haven't even had time to bake those delicious-looking macaroons ): sad.

Which reminds me that I have a sorta longggggg list of things that I have to complete. Oh the most fun-est one that I think I'm gonna enjoy the most has to be the apologetics speech (answersingenesis) on the human body.

First, I love the topic.
Second, it makes my job so much easier to do an apologetics speech on a topic I love.
Thirdly, I love doing powerpoint presentation.
Fourthly, I love presenting stuff when I know what I'm supposed to say. yep, I'm not too good at impromptus. my ICC (Institute for Cultural Communicators: speaking group) team can testify to that (;

So all these + the fact that I have almost a whole month (ample time) to leisurely prepare and memorize = the bestest, funest apologetics speech ever. *silent cheer*

(I think I'm getting pretty good at rambling)

Another exciting thing to look forward to is the DNA sessions we'll be having at the Science Center (: The last session we had was on forensic science and boy, it was super extremely cool. 
We worked on a real case that happened really long ago. Task was to find out who the murderer was by using the blood samples found at the crime scene. In addition, I was having a perfectly hilarious time amusing Prissy with my oversized lab coat, causing her to either have two reactions: glaring and me and telling me that she'll get in trouble for laughing too much, or stifling the squeal.

The upcoming two sessions will be on bacteria, health, protein purification, and whatnots. Sounds realllyyyyy exciting (:

As I'm doing all these science-ish stuff, it's always so interesting to relate it back to the Scripture and the awesome Creator.
For the human body apologetics speech, this verse is such a good reminder:

Jul 17, 2012

God, thank You.

God, thank You for loving me.

Thank  You for giving Your Son.
Thank You for your grace.
Thank  You for being an awesome God.
Thank You for each and every day.
Thank You for providing for all I need.
Thank You for your guidance.
Thank You for your mercy.
Thank You for my family.
Thank You for my life.
Thank You for being my life.
Thank You for rain and shine.
Thank You for being there for me.
Thank You for each breath of life.
Thank You for friends that encourage.
Thank You for nature that manifests Your power.

God, thank You for everything.